Fertile Eggs and Chick Parrots for sale - in Chachro, Pakistan

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Type Birds
Sub Type parrots
Location 452 Sector B - Chachro, Pakistan

Greys Parrots: African grey Parrots timneh Grey Parrots Cockatoos: sulphur crested cockatoo lesser sulpuhr crested cockatoo bare eyed cockatoo goffin cockatoo umbrella cockatoo galah cockatoo moluccan cockatoo triton cockatoo Elenora cockatoo Macaws: Hyacinth macaw severe macaw scarlet macaw catalina. military macaw hahns macaw halequin macaw Blue and gold macaw green wing macaw ruby macaw Amamzons: white front amazon blue frong amazon yellow double head amazon orange wing amazon Red lored amazon green che ek amazon yellow head nape amazon Electus: grand Electus parrot solomons island electus p Email:[email protected],http://botanicalparrotsgardan.webstarts.com/ skype ID: aviculturist.abbo

USD 850